About ME

Born and raised in Luxembourg, I have always had a passion for art. I experimented a lot during my life with all forms of art: drawing, painting, sculpture, music, singing, …

Finally, in 2009, I went to Nancy, France, for my studies. Daughter of a photojournalist who isn’t interested in photography, I only discovered the potential of this medium during my foundation year in art. A whole new world opened its doors in front of me and I changed my plans for a bachelor in photography. I graduated in 2013 with the mention: “congratulations of the jury”.

In 2014, I established Caro-Line Photography and I have since been working on my own as a photographer based in Luxembourg. I love catching the moment and the moods at all kinds of events, documenting the happening. But I also love doing landscapes. Discovering new places, getting lost while looking for the moods and the next photograph to take.

One never stops learning. Therefore, I participate in workshops to develop my skills and have an active exchange with others who share my passion for art photography. In addition to the photos I do for a living, I am working on more personal and more artistic projects. It is a work in progress.

I love new challenges and I am currently available for hire. If you have a project or if you just want to drop a line, please feel free to contact me at martin.caroline.photo@gmail.com. Feel free to visit me on facebook.com or Instagram, where you can find more pictures.