Brussels - The first step in to my new way of living

The only time I was alone in a new city, was a few years back when I went to Nancy for my studies. Since, I almost didn’t left Luxembourg. Too much work with building my business. Basically this is the first time I booked a travel all on my own. I know, I haven’t got that far, but it is a first stop toward my new way of life. Why Brussels? Well, that’s easy. Because 5 Seconds of Summer were playing a concert there and they weren’t coming to Luxemburg. So I decided to go to them. #Meetyouthere #5SOS

I bought my ticket, booked the hotel and the bus, which was the cheapest way to get there. I just didn’t want to take the car.

Day 1

I got up really early in the morning to take the bus to Brussels. When I arrived with my bags, I had no idea how to get where I wanted to. I just started walking and asked someone for the best way to get there.

I asked for more infos about the public transport. I wasn’t that good organised even if I tried to. But it is way more fun this way, even if it makes you lose a lot of time. Which I basically didn’t have.

I went to the “Van Gogh : The Immensive Experience”. You had two small rooms with a bit of text and a video, and a big one where you could take a seat and immerge in an animated universe with Van Goghs paintings. It was really nicely done and you could spend some time there to watch it all. In an other room you had a drawing class for children and the virtuel reality. Which I didn’t try because there were a lot of people waiting.

The entry was expensive, you had to pay for the wardrobe, for the souvenir picture if you wanted one, and for the virtual reality.

I went to the MOOF. I am amazed of all the stories and the huge collection of the museum. There is so much to see that you could spend the whole day there watching movies and read all the informations they have about the creators of the different caraters.

The owner is very nice and he told me that his was only a vers small part of the entire collection. Unfortunately there is not enough space to see everything. Unfortunalety I didn’t had anough time to read everything. Next time I’ll be in Brussels, I will plan some extra time to visit the Moof a second time.

I took the bus to the hotel. My room wasn’t ready. I left my luggage and I took the tram to the concert hall. I took the soundcheck experience package and had to be there early for the inscription. Even if I am shy by nature, thanks to my work, I got used to talk to complete strangers. So I just started to talk to another girl, Freya, who was there on her own to. By the beginning of the concert I made 5 new friends. Sure, they are all way younger than me and I was probably the oldest fan there. (Parents don’t count.) But I had an amzing evening. I just got an even bigger fan of 5SOS.

A special thanks to my new friends for the truely fun evening and to 5SOS for giving me a reason to leave my comfort zone ;)

Back to the hotel with the tram. Finally check in in my hotel. I had a small but nice room on the 3rd floor.

I was sad that the day was already over. I realised that it was stupid to be worried about the trip. I couldn’t believe the day I just passed. Everything just seemed to a nice dream from which I didn’t want to wake up.

Day 2

I took my shower, packed my bags and went down for the breakfast. There wasn’t a big choice, but it was anough.

I checked out and took the bus back to the city. I went to the Magritte Museum. I took my time this time to look at eveything. I really enjoyed it. In the end I also took some time to watch the movie.

I bought some fries. I couldn’t leave without eating original belgish fries. Everything is better with fries. 4€ for a small portion of fries with mayonnese. To be honnest, I was really disappointed.

I bought some chocolat for my family and friends back home and I headed back to the train station to catch my bus. Yesterday eveything went well, today there was a lot of delay. Especially because of the traffic jams back in Luxembourg. You know when you are back home when you are stuck in the traffic jams. Home sweet home.

When you come home and the only thing that is basically waiting for you is your job, you start wondering if you are living in the right place.