Blankenberge - A break for my mind, a break for my soul

First step and stop on my Foxtrot Unicorn Comfort Zone Tour, was to drive quite spontanously up to Blankenberge with a friend. We only spend one night there before heading back. For some people this is no big deal, for me it kind of was. Even tough I can’t tell you really why… Maybe because I almost never travelled. This was only the first of many steps which are yet to come.

Anyway. I drove the 4h to Blankenberge without a break. I got so used to drive and being in the car because of my job, that I didn’t even see the time pass.

We checked in and went immediatly to the beach. It was sunny and windy. The sea has this amazing power to let you forget everything arroung.

I realy enjoyed taking photos and just play tourist.

After a walk on the beach, we did a small walk trough the city. Everthing was closed and a lot of places were to sell. We decided to go to the aquarium. It was closing soon but we had enough time for the visit. I went there once when I was a child. I remembered it bigger. Still playing tourist I took some pictures with my phone and bought myself a stuffed animal turtle that I called Archie. Life is too short to take everything serious ;)

Back to the hotel and after a small break we tried to find an open restaurant. The season is over and almost everything was closed. We managed to eat anyway.

I wanted to take pictures in the night, but the wind was just too strong. I gave up after a few tries…

Day 2

I woke up before sunrise and went to the beach with my camera and tripod. I love the calm. Unlike in Luxembourg you have almost no cars, no planes and other annoying noises. I took some pictures of the sunrise who wasn’t that pretty. It is a cloudy and rainy day, but I got some nice photos anyway.

This is what I love to do the most. Just being alone outside with my camera and forgetting the time. Being in the now and enjoying the little things like the sound of the wind over the see and watching a new day beak in.

Breakfast. I already did my 10 000 steps for the day. Photography makes hungry and so does the sea air. I love it!

Back to the beach for some more photos and sea air.

I drove to Namur, where we spent another night. I had a job not far from there early in the morning.

On this short trip I’ve learned that : Being afraid of trying something new is just a waste of time and energy. I also realised that I spent way to much time in my car. That I have no trubble to get up early when it means that I can be alone outside with my camera and enjoy the calm.

I should have done this years ago. Now that I’ve tasted this new kind of freedom and I realized that my comfort zone is Luxembourg itself. I am done wasting my time waiting for others and giving them the fault of me staying in my comfort zone. Someone once told me that it is out of our comfort zone that it is getting interessting. I applied this to my work only. I realize now, that it also true for the life itself. So : “F.U Comfort Zone! World, here I come"!”